Austin Thomas

Austin Thomas Resistance Marches, Protest, Letter Writing and Calls
Civil Citizen Project
Marches, Protest, Letter Writing and Calls
Local and Global

As an artist I am trying to create vital space, online through and at Apartment 38 (an art salon) where other creatives can find refuge from our age of anger and learn to live in truth. I am concerned with the rehabilitation of values like trust, openness, responsibility, solidarity, and love in politics through art and action.
Austin Thomas Resistance

My Civil Citizen Project takes it's inspiration from Václav Havel, the Czech writer, philosopher, political dissident, and politician. He coined the term "parallel polis," to define a new social structure born from artistic and intellectual circles that nurture civic rights and freedoms.

Austin Thomas Resistance
The Women's March January 2017

Change = the fundamental reconstitution of the position of people in the world and their relationships to themselves and each other. By being a "civil citizen," I am partnering with individuals, activists and politicians in order to build coalition and foster community. This is an evolving effort to a broad constituency based on the principles of community engagement.